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Poodle Care

Feeding your Poodle

People can be very passionate about how they feel is the best way to feed their dogs. There are many opinions and views on this and often they will contradict each other. We believe that there is no single best way. Every dog is different and every owner has differing demands on their life which impacts on the time they have available for pet food preparation. Our advice is to look around and see what different views are and make up your own mind. Then feed and watch very carefully as to how your poodle responds to the food. Listen to your dog. Be prepared to adjust or even try something very different. We recommend that you always discuss any feeding programmes with your vet, especially if in doubt.

Wet, Dry or Raw? Passions can run high when it comes to feeding our Poodles. With a wealth of excellent options available, it is easy to become lost or confused about the best choice to make for you and your Poodle. The main categories for feeding are: Wet, Dry and Raw

Wet Food - This is available in cans and, more recently, pouches. Wet food is generally a complete food and nothing else is required other than a tin opener (or tearing the pouch). The range is extensive from the value options to the very elite for the fussiest of eaters. You can find tinned food specifically for puppies, mature, adult, active and overweight dogs. There are also specialised options that are for poorly poodles, say, after an op or for specific food intolerances.

Wet Dog Food - click for varieties

Dry Food This comes in two basic categories: Complete and Dry Mix. The names are fairly self-explanatory. The Complete gives the full nutritional spectrum while the Mix is more used as added bulk to meat or fish. There is a huge choice of Dried foods; some are even breed specific as well as age, hypo-allergenic, activity level, natural ingredients and so on. Dried food is very convenient, quick to feed, easy to take on journeys and stores well. It is especially important with dried food to ensure your dog always has access to plenty of clean, fresh water. It is also recommended that your dog does not gulp their food and specialised bowls are available to encourage them to slow down.

Dry Dog Food - Click for varieties

Raw Feeding is exactly that: feeding your dog raw meat and vegetables, as if they were in the wild. Those who raw feed report excellent results, but there are also critics. If raw feeding interests you, we suggest you read widely on the subject and, as always, make up your own mind, watch and listen to your dog, adjust accordingly and continue to watch and re-assess. There is no one answer for all dogs and, if in doubt, consult your vet. There are some excellent books on raw feeding available.

Raw Feeding Books - click here

Toys, Collars, Leads and other Equipment

Poodles love toys. They are such agile, energetic and intelligent dogs, that they need mental stimulation and crave a challenge. Poodles are diverse in their interest and you will need to see what your poodle enjoys most. Some love agility; some love a good game of catch and some love cuddling up to a soft toy. Start with a small collection of each variety and see how your poodle responds. When you know better what they love, you can stock up the Poodle Toy Box with lots of tricks and treats to keep their lively minds bright and their tails waggling for hours.

Agility Equipment - click here
Dog Catch Toys - click here
Dog Soft Toys - click here

Collars and Leads - There is no dog like the Poodle that can get away with bling the way a poodle can!

Dog Collars - click here

Healthcare for your Poodle

To Vet or not to Vet? It can be a difficult call to know when home treatment stops and a visit to the vet is in order. While we believe it is always best to err on the side of safety, there are plenty of treatments you can do at home for non-life-threatening conditions as a preliminary before a visit. If in doubt, a quick phone call to your vet to ask if a product is recommended or not is a good idea.

Dog Health Products - click here

Insuring your Poodle

To Insure or Not to Insure? We once heard the expression 'It takes a wealthy man to afford no insurance.' If you do not take out pet health insurance, make sure your savings account is plush enough to survive some potentially very costly procedures and on-going care. Policies vary enormously, so the cheapest may not suit you and may end up costing you more. You may wish to look into things like whether the policy covers for a health condition that lasts for a limited period or for the lifetime of the dog. Also ask how the policy fee is likely to increase as the pet gets older.

Grooming your Poodle

The Glory of Poodle Fur! The poodle's coat is so versatile and can be kept in a short, sport cut for the active dog, a full show coat or anything in between depending on the time and budget your have for maintaining their coat. Grooming your poodle can be a loving and bonding activity with huge satisfaction when you see your scruffoodle transform to a sweet-smelling Champoodle. There are so many gorgeous smelling shampoos, conditioners, de-tanglers and apres-groom perfumes, that we are spoilt little pumans (poodle-owned human). We strongly recommend that you do not skimp on quality of clippers or scissors. And don't forget that if you make a hash of it, the fur always grows back! Maybe leave experimentation to the summer when your poodle will be grateful for a closer-than-expected fur-do!

Poodle Grooming Books - click here
Dog Grooming Equipment - click here

Travelling with your Poodle

Harness or Crate? For the safety of your poodle and the safety of their pumans, it is essential that your restrain your dog while travelling in the car. There are many harnesses that simply loop through the seat belts. Or depending on the size of your car and poodles, you can crate them. This provides a safe cage which allows you to open the car door without them being able to leap out. Some people with travel sick poodles say that putting a blanket over the crate helps.

Dog Crates - click here Dog Harnesses - click here

Water, water, everywhere! Always ensure your poodle has access to fresh drinking water, even when travelling. There are many clever solutions from non-spill to folding bowls.

Travel Water Bowl - click here



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