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Would you like to make a donation?


The only funds we have is from the adoption fees we receive when homing a dog. Sadly this hardly ever covers the money we have spent on dogs where we have had to have them micro-chipped, neutered and in some, well, many cases had other veterinary fees to pay. Therefore to help pay for these expenses we have acquired items which we sell in our Shop which have either been purchased by us or donated by some very kind people to raise funds. 


Another way we are attempting to raise money is to offer the chance for people to donate towards our running costs (dog food, vet bills, transportation costs etc). Simply click the donate button below to donate an amount of your choice.


If you feel you would like to help us in our cause, you can make a donation using Paypal or you can contact Hanna and send her a cheque.  We very much appreciate every donation, no matter how small... "pennies make pounds" as my Gran used to say!

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