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What we do

All of the dogs that pass through our care are placed with experienced foster carers. These are volunteer carers who will normally have dogs of their own and generally, at least one will be a poodle. These rescue dogs, who we call 'fosters' are given all the love and home comforts that a poodle in need deserves. Read below to see what happens once we receive a dog for re-homing.

Vet Checks and Assessments


When a dog comes into our care, we always have a vet perform a 'health check'. Micro-chipping is done where necessary and so is neutering where appropriate. Necessary veterinary care will be provided prior to re-homing.


Whilst in the care of the foster home, the dog will be assessed for temperament, likes/dis-likes, care needs and its behavior. Where necessary further training will be given whenever possible. Whatever the dog needs and within reason, the foster carer will try their best to provide it. Some dogs are taken to socialization classes, some are given training, all are groomed and they are all given love and attention.

We never kennel our dogs

This assessment allows us to best place the dog with the most appropriate applicant ensuring everyone involved fully understands the dog and its needs. 



For us to maintain our welfare work with Poodles, finding new funding possibilities is essential to cover the costs of:


  • Veterinary checks

  • Food, Board, Grooming and Medications, where necessary

  • Foster Boarding for those dogs needing a short-term foster placement prior to being re-homed.Administration ('phone charges, postage, printing fees, etc)


The adoption fees charged at time of placement help with these costs and we are very grateful to the volunteers for their support helping with home-vetting, fostering, transport, etc.


If you think you may be able to help, please see our Donate page. Thank-you. 



So if you know of a Poodle looking for a new home or you can offer a rescue poodle a new home, please look through our website.

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