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Help needed with occasional vet runs or table top sales

in the Lincolnshire area?


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An article was published in the Country Life Magazine last week (4th May 2016 edition) about the Caterpillars of the Oak Processionary Moth.  These fluffy caterpillars pose a risk to dogs, cats and even horses if they lick, sniff or try to eat the caterpillars or their nests.  The wind-borne hairs of these caterpillars cause intense irritation to the eyes and throat.  Outbreaks have been reported in West Berkshire, Surrey and the south and east of London.  The advice is to get infestations removed.  The name of these caterpillars comes from them moving around oak trees in nose-to-tail processions and it is thought that they have arrived in Britain on young trees imported in Europe.  The article states that sightings should be reported via






Please be warned about the treats you give your pets.  I've just read this on another Facebook page. Will keep it anonymous but please take note if you are in the habit of feeding your dogs different types of treats.

"I am crying so much I can hardly write this. After losing smudge on Monday, I thought life could not get any worse but I've had to have Popcorn put to sleep today. I can't get my head around losing both of my beautiful poodles in just five days of each other. The vet put it down to fanconi syndrome (kidney failure) brought on by eating infected duck jerky imported from China but sold in UK retailers.The ducks used are fed antibiotics which later become out of date after their death and become toxic to dogs. Please, please Google "jerky treats kidney failure".

I am so sad for this lady. Cannot imagine. Please be careful what you feed to your precious dogs.




Hundreds of dogs and cats die from rock salt scattered by gritters in big freeze 

UPDATED: 16:18, 23 December 2010







Something we thought we'd like to share with you as it just may prevent an unexpected illness.


Read more:



                    F O S T E R E R S   A L W A Y S   N E E D E D                     


Please look at our "Foster Homes Needed" page



                                                       DOG RELATED ITEMS                                                    


If you have any 'dog related' items you would like to donate, used or new, which could be sold either to raise money or used for the Rescue then please contact Hanna.


We are always looking for cages/crates, coats, collars, leads, beds, etc so if you have anything of this nature, don't throw it out, throw it our way!! 



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