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Foster Homes Needed

Can you foster a Poodle?

We are always looking for foster homes for Poodles, especially Standards as many people prefer to foster the smaller Miniature or Toy poodles. If you can help look after a poodle, especially a Standard until a forever home is found, call Hanna now.


We are being asked to take in even more dogs and are in the awkward situation of making people wait as we simply do not have the foster homes available to put them in. Although we have had some people offer, we feel that we need homes where people are genuine about fostering and are fully aware of the pros and cons of caring for rescue dogs.  Sadly some people offer to foster with a view "try before you adopt" and once they have found a suitable dog, they no longer want to foster for the Rescue. This is not what fostering is about and yes some fosterers do adopt dogs they have had in their care but love animals enough to continue to help the other dogs coming into the Rescue.  The dogs that come into the Rescue rarely have aggression issues but they may have separation anxiety issues, or a dislike or preference to either males or females based upon their previous experiences, they may hate cats or other small animals, etc.  We simply do not have the luxury of giving someone the chance to foster for us only to find that within a week or so we are being asked to move the dog elsewhere because it may bark when they go out or come in or it tiddles on the floor in the night.


We would prefer people with experience of poodles and please remember, these dogs could have health or behaviour issues or could be as fit as a fiddle - we do not pick and choose which dogs come into rescue but we would be sympathetic to your home circumstances (cats, small children, etc.) 


If you really believe you could cope with caring for one of our dogs on a temporary basis (weeks to a few months perhaps), please do call Hanna for a chat. (01205 358673)

This is not a 365 day role. You would only be on call if and when we need to care for a dog coming from within a reasonable distance to your home.  All reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, vet & grooming costs are paid by us. All we ask of you is to provide a loving, understanding & secure home for the dog(s) until a forever home is found.

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